North East Contact Centre of the Year - Over 50 Under 250 Seats

  • Sponsored By: greenbean by NRG

This award will recognise a contact centre that demonstrates leading practice for all their stakeholders.  The judges will focus on key aspects of your contact centre and for this reason, you may enter on a per site basis (i.e. any contact centre operation with more than 50 and less than 250 seats in any particular site in the north east may enter this award and we can accept more than one entry per organisation to reflect these different sites).  A site visit to the shortlisted by the judges will also take place before the winner is selected and this will include listening to calls.


The winning team will have demonstrated outstanding achievement against some, or all, of these criteria:



  • Helped team members grow skills, improve performance and achieve career goals


  • Challenged processes and methods of working to improve contact centre (or customer service operation) performance and value


  • Created a positive working environment that is pleasant to work in, supportive and high achieving


  • Consistently met or exceeded customer experience targets


  • Worked alongside other back office teams to improve overall customer understanding and service performance


  • Consistently met or exceeded performance targets


  • As a result of above, helped front line team(s) achieve short/medium/ long term success against targets


  • Championed the role of the contact centre within the broader organisation; and created an awareness of organizational strategies/goals within the contact centre


  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and  professionalism


Nominations are now closed.