Dream Team of the Year

The judges will seek to reward a talented team of people who can successfully demonstrate their considerable impact & achievements through collective effort & outstanding team working.


The winning team will have demonstrated outstanding achievement against some, or all, of these criteria:


  • Performed exceptionally in all aspects of i t’s role


  • Helped team members grow skills, improve performance and achieve career goals


  • Displayed real passion, innovation and a commitment to meet business challenges


  • Challenged processes and methods of working to improve contact centre (or customer service operation) performance and value


  • Helped create a positive working environment that is pleasant to work in, supportive and high achieving


  • Supported or initiated programmes around recruitment, training, technology etc. that have led to improved service levels and customer experiences


  • Demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty


  • As a result of above, helped front line team(s) achieve short/medium/ long term success against targets


  • Worked alongside other front and back office teams to improve overall customer understanding and service performance


  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and  professionalism





* The award is open to both front and back office/support teams. The team could, for example,  work in: HR/Resource  Planning/Administration/IT/Logistics/Facilities   Management


Nominations are now closed.