Customer Experience Champion

The judges are seeking an individual within a leadership role (at any level) within the contact centre environment, who is passionate about their organisation’s customer journey and has personally made a significant difference to customer experience.  The winner will need to impress the judges with how they have made or initiated significant improvements to the customer journey within their organisation together with demonstrable results.  Your achievements may be process led, customer led/engagement, making internal changes or a combination.

The developments may have been delivered by one individual or a team, but the award will be for the individual who has been instrumental in making the change happen.


The winning individual will have demonstrated outstanding achievement against some, or all, of the following criteria:


  • Demonstrated excellence in understanding and responding to customer needs and delivering outstanding customer experience


  • Initiatives led and implemented to improve the organisation’s customer experience with demonstrable results


  • The challenged processes and methods of working made to improve contact centre performance  and value


  • The benefits of positive customer experience have had a clear impact on the contact centre and customer service employees


  • The benefits of positive customer experiences have resulted in clear financial benefits to the organisation


  • Focusing on customer experience has been a catalyst for change in other areas of the business (including recruitment, training, management, technology etc)


  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and  professionalism


Nominations are now closed.